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How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body

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How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body

For the last few months I have been habitually drawing a thin circle on the top of my left hand. The idea was that every time I noticed this circle, I would be reminded/compelled to return to a present, zen state. This worked so well that I decided to have it tattooed on a few nights ago.

I’ve since discovered the immense potential (and fun) of attributing specific ‘powers’ to parts of your body or objects. Read on to understand what I’m talking about!

Placebo is Powerful

Thanks to the power of belief, you can can turn anything into a power-up button of any kind. The trick is to associate the change you wish to feel with the action. Over and over and over. It might feel forced at first, but the feel will become more natural as the association grows stronger. Remember: the power is in your mind.


1) Consciousness Injection

Whenever I notice the tattoo, I press on it with one finger and pretend that I have just received a huge intravenous injection of consciousness/energy/alertness. I quickly raise my head to the sky while taking in a massive breathe through my nostrils, simulating the feeling of a powerful head rush.

I am now infinitely more aware of my surrounds, my thoughts and my emotions. Almost as if I just had 2 hours of meditation in the span of 2 seconds.

2) Personality Switch

James Bond is my hero. Okay not really, but there are many aspects of his persona that I would like to assimilate into my own. So I could decide that whenever I trace the circumference of the tattoo with my right index finger, I am transformed into Bond (…James Bond).

Suddenly I have the all-knowing, sly grin of agent 007. I silently study the microexpressions and movement of those around me, keenly aware of my surroundings. I speak less often, but my rare words hold more weight and cunning. My gait is more cat-like, my every move carefully calculated.

**Don’t forget to switch your alter-ego ‘OFF’. Otherwise you will reduce the power a.k.a. your belief in the switch by accidentally acting normal without first switching back.

3) Reality-check for lucid dreaming

This one is less about belief, and more about plain usability.

The most effective method for attaining dream lucidity is to create the habit of checking if you’re in a dream. That way you will automatically attempt the same reality check in the dream world, leading you to lucidity.

Hands are especially unstable in dreams, so much that they will even appear to have different numbers of fingers. So after using my tattoo as a ‘consciousness injection’, I will inspect it closely for a few seconds to see if it looks clear and stable. If it’s squiggling or nonexistent, I know I’m in a dream.

Types of Buttons

I found a figure on the top of the hand to be most effective because I notice it so often, but literally anything can work as a power-up button:

  • rubbing a coin that you always carry in your pocket
  • your reflection in the mirror (the act of looking at yourself is the trigger)
  • blowing on that birthmark on your right arm
  • twerking your left nipple

Just make sure it’s something that you will think to do often!

Go Power-Up!

This trick is seriously powerful if used with reverence. Go try it and report back on what powers you have taken on!

What is your power button be, and what does it do?

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