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Justin Noppé on The Secret Strategies of “Super Learners” (HEx Podcast #27)

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Justin Noppé on The Secret Strategies of “Super Learners” (HEx Podcast #27)
“A lot of people talk about art and creativity being as being a spontaneous thing. I don’t have those views. For me art is a developed practice as well. You can be truly artistic but have zero developed skill. And you can be not artistic and have a developed skill. There are multiple examples if you go and research it of whoever you think is the most creative painter you can imagine, you’ll find that they did hundreds of hours developing a skill.”

— Justin Noppé, HEx Podcast #27

Justin from a young age knew he was smart but struggled with learning. He later found out that it wasn’t actually learning that he struggled with, but rather poor learning systems that were being used in his school. He set out on a life’s journey to learn… how to learn and share his findings with the world. After graduating Justin went on to teach languages to people for 15 years, further decoding the patterns that take someone from fumbling in the dark with foreign grammar to entirely fluent in the shortest amount of time.

“The very simple thing to ask is when you are reading, what do you want? A lot of people are seduced by this idea of being the most efficient reader and speed-reading techniques. But speed reading techniques don’t guarantee comprehension. As many people who I’ve met who say, “I can read a thousand words a minute” I can show you just as many studies that show that after 450 or 500 words a minute there is no more comprehension. So that person was only comprehending 50% of what they were reading any way.”

— Justin Noppé, HEx Podcast #27

Justin has an encyclopedic knowledge on learnings systems, memory, the brain, and information processing that makes him able to break each complex skillset down into a learning curve that is not only fast but extremely effective. I learned a ton just from speaking to Justin, and I know you will too.


  • Deep vs. shallow learning
  • How to turn raw data into a developed skill
  • The best ways to read for maximum absorption
  • How knowledge of self is the first step for good learning
  • The role of raw talent in creative pursuits
  • How to “download” a martial art into your mind like in The Matrix
  • The science of drilling and repetition
  • The way to use coffee in combination with napping
  • Justin’s personal morning routine categorization process
  • How to use video recordings to cement knowledge in you mind
  • Justin’s favorite books of all time
  • How to actually become wiser not just more knowledgeable
  • Tons more…


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