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Life Pro Tip #1: Make Your Mondays Badass

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Life Pro Tip #1: Make Your Mondays Badass

4 months ago I moved to Weston, Connecticut. Your first question is probably ‘What the heck are you doing in Connecticut?‘ And your question is certainly justified. There’s nothing special about Weston, or Connecticut in general… except for one small bar in the nearly vacant downtown of Weston. This particular bar sells 22 flavors of chicken wings for $0.35 each on Monday nights, and boy is it fantastic. Sorry vegetarians!

Why am I telling you about chicken wings?

This one-weekly occasion has completely transformed my Monday mentality. I am now EXCITED when I realize it’s Monday. On Sunday I’m literally wishing the weekend would end so we can go out and chow down 16+ wings. Yes, they are that good.

Now, you may not be as excited about wings as I am, but this isn’t about wings.

The Takeaway

Find something that you love doing and schedule it for every Monday night. Make it a special occasion that you can only do on Mondays.

This turns Monday into one of the ‘good’ days of the week, and starts you week off right.

Ideas for Your #BadassMonday

  • Dance/singing/art class
  • Going out to a fancy dinner with your friend or significant other
  • Trying out a new type of craft beer + pizza with your roommate
  • Join a Monday meetup from
  • Go see a movie
  • Join a local sports league that plays on Mondays
  • Find a wing night near you, it’s freaking awesome

What are your #BadassMonday night ideas?

P.S. No I did not move to Weston just for cheap chicken wings :) I moved in with my co-founder of Habet.

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