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Must Watch: ‘My Life As A Turkey’

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Must Watch: ‘My Life As A Turkey’
Jeff Palmer and turkey on log. Central Florida.

**If you’re outside of the U.S. and can’t see the video above, download the MediaHint browser plugin. It allows you to view any video via Netflix, Hulu, etc.**

My Life As A Turkey is a beautiful and thought-proking documentary about a man who is given the rare opportunity to raise a group of wild turkeys from hatchlings to adulthood.

Hold on!

I know this may not sound like the most thrilling of plots, but it goes much deeper than it sounds.

The man must spend over a year of his time with the birds with zero human interaction. He learns to communicate with them, understand the meaning of their sounds, and is given a rare glimpse into the consciousness of animals. He’s also allowed a inside look at the lives of wild animals as the creatures in his forest, who allow him to get close since he’s evidently trusted by the wild turkeys.

There is also an absolutely gorgeous insight into the nature of consciousness which I won’t spoil with words here. You’ll just have to watch it :)

**Special thanks to Cheyenne Broadfoot for recommending this doc to me**

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