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This Will MindFuck You: Videogame-ism

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This Will MindFuck You: Videogame-ism

The following is a completely plausible explanation of the nature of our reality. The point is to get you to think outside the box and understand how we can never be 100% sure of what is REALLY going on in this universe…

The real year is something around 14,500. Technology has advanced to an insane level beyond even our wildest imaginations in the present. Video games as we know them today have become super-realistic, to the point of being able to be immersed in the game and not know the difference between reality and digital reality.

These super-video games are, of course, hooked up to the brain and can produce many other interesting effects such as:

Time-dilation — In the video game, hundreds of years can pass by in mere minutes of real-world time. Given the fact that certain illegal substances today can turn 1 hour into a perceived 3 or 5 (DMT & Ketamine, for example), this technology is not a big shocker.

Memory/Knowledge Replacement — While inside the video game (and in real life) beings can add and remove memories and knowledge as they please just like a computer or  in The Matrix. So you can go inside a game and have a completely new personality, collection of memories and skill-set. You can go in and not know that you’re even in a digital world.

Obviously this technology is pretty damn cool. Many people choose to spend their entire lives playing the games because they provide a literally infinite amount of possible experiences and existences. You can’t blame them; think of the possibilities!

Some people claim that it is simulated immortality because you can fit  in millions of complete life-times in one life thanks to the  time-dilation effect. Imagine living 100 years and then coming out back  to real-reality to realize only 2 real minutes have past.

In the beginning, the utopia-like games were the most popular because people wanted to experience bliss. But just as with everything, perfection got boring. Even getting whatever you want without limits wouldn’t do it for you anymore at some point. (Think of it like a video game where there is no challenge, you just get all of the weapons, gear and prizes without doing anything. That gets old fast.) Consequently there was a huge shift towards games with more challenging realities; universes where you had to overcome obstacles to become great and get what you wanted.

Here’s the kicker…

You’re in one of those video games right now. You don’t know this because you chose to have your real memory replaced so that the experience was more realistic and fun! When you ‘die’ in so many years, you’ll wake up to your real life, look at the clock to see that 2 minutes have passed and say to yourself ‘Wow that was pretty crazy… well, time for lunch!’

Crazy, huh?

In this fun hypothetical, here are some other interesting questions to consider:

1) Are the other ‘players’ in this reality simulations or other beings being playing with you in the same game, similar to online gaming?

2) What is real reality like? I imagine that you wouldn’t want to be in video game just like real life — that would be boring!

3) Could you be in a video game, within a video game (within a video game) ?

4) What do real beings look like in their non-digital form? No one said human appearance in video games had to reflect true human appearance.

5) This is certainly possible. What does this tell you about what you “know” about the world?

Hehe ;)

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