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Videos: The Coolest Sports in the World

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Videos: The Coolest Sports in the World

I searched for a couple of hours, watched videos of every sport imaginable and singled out these eight sports/activities as the coolest ones EVER. Headless Goat Polo almost made the cut, but that’s just a little too weird to be cool. Enjoy!

Saudi Sandal Skating

– This sport gives a new meaning to the term “ghost ride the whip.” I can’t believe these guys do this.

Sky SurfingMASSIVE Group Skydiving

(World Record Video)

Wingsuit Flying

– Skip the intro and fast-forward to 2:00 minutes in if you’re impatient


– A mix between soccer, volleyball and gymnastics in Brazil.


– Best part (the sliding) is 1:30 into the video, so skip to that if somehow the other tricks don’t impress you.

Limbo SkatingCrocodile Bungee Jumping

– Yes, this is bungee jumping into crocodile-infested waters.


– A crazy version of hackysack from Myanmar

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