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What Would Good Guy Greg Do?

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What Would Good Guy Greg Do?

I stumbled on this hilarious internet meme while reading through a fellow HEthen’s blog. It’s comical, but also has some pretty deep implications when you take a step back and observe why it’s funny. ‘Good Guy Greg’ is just that, a really good guy. For example…

Some of the things he does are way too nice, but the majority of them are actually things that people should do. The crazy part is that these habits are so rarely seen that it comes off as funny that someone actually practice them all.

You are probably a ‘good person’. I’m 99% sure I am too. But Good Guy Greg makes me think about all of the small things I could do better or more often to bring joy to other people. Even Greg’s habit of calling people on their birthday instead of facebook-ing them could bring a big smile to someone for only a few minutes of your time.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this posts, there is definitely a limit to how nice and selfless you should be. The line falls between being loving and being a people-pleaser. Then again, I think you have to work pretty damn hard to cross that line.

Just something to think about :) Here are some more of the best GGG’s on the web:

Create your own Good Guy Greg!

A good way to get into the GGG mindset is to create one of your own. Use the link below and post the link to your creation in the comments. I’ll add the best submissions alongside my own below.

GGG Online Generator

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– Daniel

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