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15 Ways to MINDFUCK Yourself

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15 Ways to MINDFUCK Yourself

Your worldview is about to be violently expanded. Are you ready?

1) Go lay on the grass in a quiet place...  Take a few deep breaths, relax, and stare up at the sky for a few minutes. Now realize that you are literally stuck to a massive rock, 8,000 miles wide, hurtling through space at 70,000 miles per hour, around a gigantic ball of fire burning at 9,941 degrees F (5,550 C), through a Universe that has no beginning or end.
Consider this question...  Have you ever tried something that you knew would be unpleasant...just to feel what it was like?  eg. touching something that shocks you, eating a very exotic food, touching a hot surface, poking yourself with a needle  If your answer was yes, consider what you just acknowledged: that even painful experiences can be worthwhile because it is just that -- an experience!  Perhaps now it will make more sense why we experience pain, hunger, disease, heartbreak, loss, etc. What if instead of those being ills brought on by bad karma, an unloving god or chance, we are choosing them JUST FOR THE EXPERIENCE. And only from our very limited, microscropic perspective do these experiences seem so horrible?  It's all about perspective, baby.

3) Glimpse the world on LSD

4) NDT’s Fascinatingly Disturbing Fact

TL;DR: Chimpanzee DNA is 1% different than human DNA. Yet our skills and abilities are exponentially above chimpanzees. This considered, what would a species be like that was 1% different from humans in the OPPOSITE direction of chimpanzees. Their children would do calculus with ease, and our most brilliant epiphanies would sound like 1 + 1 = 2 to them. Now, consider the fact that any life form not from Earth would surely be far more different from humans than 1%. So the idea that we will meet aliens that are remotely close to our level of cognition and perception is laughable.

We know much more about death than you think...  Near-death experiences (NDE's) occur when a person literally dies for a short period of time (no heart beat or brain activity) and are brought back to life sometime after. The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation and other similar archives have compiled thousands of these experiences. Most all of them report something like this:  “I was in a place of love, kindness, compassion, contentment, acceptance, joy...a place of "knowing". I perceived myself and other beings as masses of energy...all connected and yet separate. There was simply a sense of all knowing.”  Not only is death far from a complete mystery, it also sounds fantastic.

Read more NDE accounts from the NDERF’s archive

6) Read About Videogame-ism

IBOGA  Iboga (or Ibogaine) is one of the least well-known psychedelics. It comes exclusively from a shrub indigenous to western Africa, which is part of the reason you've probably never heard of it.  Crazy Fact 1: It is used clinically to treat heroin addiction within the span of a few days.  Crazy Fact 2: Most every Iboga experiences involve vivid interactions with entities who go on diatribes about the user's life and what he or she should change -- hence the cure for addiction.  Crazy Fact 3:  Some users report having that foreign consciousness stay with them for days after the trip, continuing to give advice and answer their questions.

Here is one such report and the full Erowid index of Iboga trip reports.

8) The 5 Senses  Do you think the only senses that exist are those we know about? We have already found other senses in animals, eg. dogs with fear & bats with supersonic waves.  It's not like you could just dream up a sense either. Imagine attempting to fully explain sound to a deaf person, or smell to someone without a nose.  What utterly fantastic senses are out there that we are simply missing?
Aliens exist...period. Given there are countless numbers of planets existing in this universe, we can assume from a mathematical perspective that there are infinite planets (Who is to say there are not? Where and how would the universe 'end' anyway?).  Now let's be extremely pessimistic and assume that the chance of alien life existing on any one planet is 0.00000000000000000000000001%. That's a damn small chance, but it's not infinitely small.  If you run an experiment with even those odds an infinite number of times, you are guaranteed to find a positive result at some point.  Therefore, extraterrestrial life exist. Let's stop kidding ourselves with Vatican-inspired logic, shall we?
Try to imagine a new, undiscovered color. A color so far outside the human range of perception that it is literally indescribable.  Just as you cannot hear all frequencies of sounds...certainly you did not think you had seen all of the possible colors?
11) Attempt to full grasp infinity  Try for a moment to fully imagine being alive for all of eternity. Just picture knowing that there will NEVER, EVER, EVER be an end to your existence.  It's either the most dismal or the most exciting thought to entertain. Your mind will race, looking for some kind of finality to satisfy this hypothetical. It won't find it.  Since we exist in a third-dimensional reality (with time being the 4th dimension), we cannot ever fully grasp how time (or space) is able to not have a beginning or an end. This is akin to explaining the concept of depth to someone existing in a 2-D plane. Depth is beyond comprehension in a 2-D world, let alone the concept of existing in many levels of depth simultaneously (as we tend to do).

12) Learn about the 10 Dimensions

Governments think they can...  - Tell you what you can and cannot do to your body  - Establish 'borders', preventing you from freely roaming this Earth  - Detain you indefinitely for breaking rules they created  - Mandate your paying a percent of your income without any say as to where the money goes  - Tell you who you can and cannot marry  - Spend more money on war than on helping their own people  - Continue this behavior without the people realizing who holds the real power  It is only a matter of time...

14) Read about the Double-Slit Experiment

15) You are alive . In the ridiculous vastness of time, now is the moment when you are alive. You could possibly be SO many other things, but instead you are here, reading this article, breathing and alive on this playground of an Earth. What are you waiting for? Go explore ;) Better yet, go change the world!

—-Share your other mind-blowing thoughts in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with others who deserve to be mindfucked :)Have an awesome day!

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