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1P LSD: The Ultimate Psychonaut’s Cheatsheet

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1plsd or 1p-lsd the ultimate user's guide
1plsd or 1p-lsd the ultimate user’s guide

Note from editor Jon Brooks:

What follows is an article written by Dominic Milton Trott, author of the Drug User’s Bible. Dominic took over 157 drugs and botanicals and wrote detailed accounts including safety tips, doses, and subjective experience reports.

You will see me write “End of Drug User’s Bible entry” when Dominic’s section ends.


Common Nomenclature:
  • 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide
Street & Reference Names:
  • 1plsd
Reference Dosage:
  • Threshold 20ug+
  • Light 25ug+
  • Medium 50ug+
  • Strong 150ug+ [Drugs-Forum]
  • Light 50ug+
  • Common 100ug+
  • Strong 150ug+ [TripSit]
Anticipated: Onset / Duration:
  • 1 hour / 10 hours
Maximum Dose Experienced:
  • 150ug
  • Blotter
  • Oral
Source / Jurisdiction:
  • Internet / UK
Personal Rating On Shulgin Scale:
  • +++


When 1P-LSD appeared on the markets towards the end of 2014 it was immediately recognised that its effects were identical, or near identical, to those of LSD itself.

This was also my experience. Thus, in logging my personal research, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to add a new perspective to the countless reports and monologues that have been produced over the years. Instead, I will simply map generic features and insights, rather than delve into the content or substance of any single or specific trip.

As with most chemicals of this class, I procured the tabs directly from Lizard Labs, which already had a reputation for bringing high quality and novel psychedelics to the online market. IP-LSD was to become its most well known creation, and was widely distributed through other vendors.

As usual with dosage, I started small and built up. In fact I started very small, with a microdose.

Herein lies another dimension to this particular psychedelic: some people microdose on a daily or regular basis. This is commonly claimed to enhance mental or visual acuity or insight, to counter depression, to increase creativity or productivity, and so forth.

That’s an aside. My microdose tests were simply intended to dip my toe into the water, to get a feel for the drug, and to gain some assurance regarding its quality and safety.

As I built up the dose the experiences became richer and more influential. Music was dramatically enhanced, as were computer visuals, and vision generally became more interesting. There’s something about the vibrancy of colouration on 1P-LSD or LSD which seems to be a universal constant.

The headspace was always extremely pleasant, and a wonderful feeling of oneness with the universe increased with dose. This is an aspect well worthy of focus in its own right, as I found the same as virtually everyone else who has written on this facet: specifically that nature is a truly wonderful place in which to experience it. I frequently gazed around in astonishment, seeing, feeling, indeed witnessing, the interconnectedness, of…. everything.

I recall, on one particular trip, stepping out into the garden during a warm sunny evening. I was at one with nature, as the swarms swirled around plants and bushes, all in perfect harmony. The sky was simply beautiful as clouds drifted effortlessly across. At one point I lay horizontal on the grass and simply watched. Everything evoked a sense of wonder, as I drank in an experience which was all around me.

Goodness knows what sort of spectacle I would have made had anyone been looking through their window and witnessed my astonishment. It was a oneness that only someone who has been there can possibly understand. I didn’t just see it or hear it, I was part of it, and actually felt the whole within myself.

This was an entirely different type of ego-shattering drama to the unfoldments of ayahuasca, for example. It was beauty and bliss within its own boundless terms.

Words will always fail, and can never properly describe the quality or depths of the sensations and perceptions which are unlocked. Indeed, I have experienced so many beautiful moments, and I believe learned much, through the use of this remarkable drug.

The onset of a typical 1P LSD trip usually took about an hour, with indications that changes were afoot beginning well before this. This was a gentle incline, barely perceived during its early stages, with hints slowly manifesting here and there, and steadily strengthening.

The duration was always lengthy, with the often quoted 8-12 hours not being far off the mark. It should be noted that the peak was considerably shorter than this, and fully functional control was always established well before the end.

Mild after effects of lassitude, and a feeling of being drained, sometimes persisted into the next day. However, for me, these minor discomforts were always well worth enduring, given the perceived positives and benefits which came with the overall exercise.


There‘s a neat video on YouTube, the chorus of which perfectly sums up the feeling I experience following a 1P-LSD trip: ―”I wish I‘d gone deeper but I‘m not so brave.”

This is an unspoken desire to learn more, more quickly, by taking increasingly larger doses. It is an intellectual challenge, tempered only by fear of the unknown, and the length of the period of reduced social capacitation.

This innate curiosity and yearning to uncover mystery is what has driven me to slowly push the boundaries, and indeed, to continue to explore this genre.

“Picture Yourself‘ — The obligatory psychedelic image

End of Drug User’s Bible entry.


Before you take 1P-LSD or any other drug, it is worth reviewing the “10 Commandments of Safe Drug Use” here. That will set you up right and help you plan safely.

1P-LSD is very similar, almost identical to LSD, and so it is safe to assume that the substances that interact dangerously with LSD will also interact dangerously with 1P-LSD. Do not mix the following substances with 1P-LSD:

  • Lithium – Lithium is commonly prescribed in the treatment of bipolar disorder. There is a large body of anecdotal evidence that suggests taking it with psychedelics significantly increases the risk of psychosis and seizures. As a result, this combination is strictly discouraged.
  • Cannabis – Cannabis has an unexpectedly strong and unpredictable synergy with the effects of psychedelics. Caution is advised with this combination as it can significantly increase the risk of adverse psychological reactions like anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and psychosis. Users are advised to start off with only a fraction of their normal cannabis dose and take long breaks between hits to avoid over intake.
  • Stimulants – Stimulants affect many parts of the brain and alter dopaminergic function. Combined with psychedelics, stimulation can turn into severe anxiety, panic, thought loops, and paranoia. This interaction may result in an elevated risk of mania and psychosis.
  • Tramadol – Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold and psychedelics may act as triggers for seizures in susceptible individuals.



When it comes time to taking a drug like 1P LSD, it is good to know all the facts and safety protocols, but it’s also useful to have a sense of what you might expect from the experience. Below are three well-written 1P LSD trip reports, with varying dosages.

Keep in mind, that no trip report can paint a true picture. If I tell you that I felt extremely nauseous or dizzy right now, it might be hard for you to relate to that. There is a specific quality of conscious that comes from being in that experience. The same as being in love—to those who are not experiencing it, love can seem “crazy.”

Keep this in mind as you read these reports. Try you best to empathise with the writer, but at the same time respect the limits of your empathy.


4:13pm: I put the 1P LSD tab in my mouth.

4:40pm: Started to feel body load, arms feel heavy and tired.

5:00pm: Felt very tired, so I laid down and closed my eyes for about ten or so minutes.

5:10pmL Dad calls me for dinner, I get up and right away feel intense euphoria and a body high. I was extremely happy and a chatterbox at the dinner table.

6:00pm: Body high gets stronger, my chest is light and I can’t stop laughing at everything and my mood is still great.

7:00-9:00pm: Dancing around my room to 70s music and having so much fun.

10:00pm: Laying on my bed in my room with chill music on. As I’m staring at my light blue walls, they slowly transform into a geometric patterns where there is a lion’s head in the middle and his mane is made up of the geometry.

11:00-12:00pm: I realize how late it is and how long I’ve been tripping at this point. I realize how messed up my perception of time was.

12:00-01:00am: Starting to come down a bit, I can feel my body is tired but I still have lot’s of energy and euphoria so I just chill in my room and watch That 70s Show.

1:00am- My body feels ‘normal’ now so I turned the lights off and tried to sleep, but when I closed my eyes I still saw visuals.

2:00-?amL I don’t remember falling asleep and I didn’t have any dreams.

6:00am- Woke up kinda tired but not completely exhausted Overall I’d say I had a lot of fun and that it was overall a great trip. I was surprised the effect only 50ug had on me, as it hardly does anything on most people


1P-LSD DOSAGE: 200ug

Dropped 200ug 1P-LSD @ 4:00pm: Me and a friend booked log cabin for the night amongst lakes and forests on a beautiful and warm day. Dropped 2 tabs of 1P sat outside the cabin looking across the lakes.

5:00pm: Started to feel the come up and spent most of it inside the cabin laid down listening to music. Come up was much rougher than 100ug standard LSD. Had minor stomach cramps, sweaty palms and racing heart.

6:00pm: At this point, laid down looking up at the log cabin roof, the patterns in the wood are becoming very alive and resembled a tunnel of eyes, anxiety was increasing and became bombarded with sensory input, bright light pouring into the cabin, people outside becoming very loud, could hear cars from the nearby road.

7:00pm: Spent this hour with no conversation, peaking hard, me and my friend couldn’t leave the cabin. The outdoors seems scary and too much seemed to be going on. My life seemed so small and intense, minor problems became huge problems in my mind. I was becoming paranoid with thoughts regarding the people outside the cabin.

Visuals were extremely intense, compared to my previous trips the visuals were very symmetry based. My entire vision at this point was split down the centre, the right side a horizontal reflection of the left. I was laid in the cabin staring out of the door in awe, extremely disappointed with myself by the fact I couldn’t step out there.

8:00pm: The anxiety is settling and I make a swift attempt to stand up and look out of the cabin before returning to the bed after I couldn’t coordinate myself well due to the disorienting split symmetry view in my vision.

After performing some breathing techniques we both feel comfortable in leaving the cabin and sitting on the bench overlooking the landscape. Sudden rush of positive emotion, strong feelings of love brought a tear to my eye. Philosophical thoughts begin taking over and I am so aware of the interconnected nature of our reality. Sat down on the grass to prepare for the sunset.

9:00pm: Continued to watch sun setting. It was the most beautiful and breathtaking sight I had ever seen, the sun was setting over the lake and behind the trees and I could stare right at the sun without discomfort. The lake became a liquid golden colour and the ripples were fascinating.

10:00pm-12:00am: For these two hours we spent time in and outside the cabin listening to music simply in awe and amazement of the nature and people fishing around the lake. At this point my visuals began to become very digital, I could see a spherical digitalised mesh in the sky as if it was a hologram or projection. The trees were growing and breathing and looked as though they were passing through their varied seasonal appearance smoothly over a few seconds.

12:00am-1:00am: At this point we had lit a fire and were sat around having philosophical discussion and laughing about how intense and unbearable the come up was. I was feeling so happy to be alive and had the playful mindset of a child.

I decided to take a walk to the toilet, even though it takes ~30 seconds it felt like it took several minutes and I was forever loosing myself into infinite spirals of gravel on the floor.

I get into the toilet, have a pee and then take a look at myself in the mirror. My music stops playing and a very eerie vibe takes over.

The following few moments were the most profound, intense, beautiful and scary moments in my entire life. I thought I was starting to sober up by this point but what happened next put a huge spin on the entire experience.

I suddenly entered a very hypnotic state and I was gazing deep into my own eyes. I first noticed that the pours on my face were becoming connected with thin lines and patterns looked almost engraved into my face. I took deep breaths as I began to feel a rush of emotions, the lights became intensely bright, I could hear a rushing sound getting louder as I strengthened my focus on myself.

I became aware that watching myself in the mirror created an infinite feedback loop of witnessing myself having an experience. I kept thinking “I am experiencing myself experience an experience”. As I had this realisation I was rushed into an out of body experience, the entire experience became third person and My face began to pixellate and morph, the true shape of my face melted and extruded. I felt as though I was tapping into an infinite loop of awareness which distorted time and space. It felt very much like I was in a computer game.

I was provided with a thought which resonated through me: “if you can accept your realisation you will ascend, you will never be able to explain or convince anyone of what you have seen”

I left the bathroom instantly because I needed to tell my friend. It shook me but I was amazed. I didn’t know where to begin explaining but the trip mellowed and I couldn’t understand how that mirror experience was so intense compared to my clear mind before and after it happened.

1:00am-3:00am: I spent this time amazed at what I experienced and tried to make sense of it, took a few more trips to the bathroom to experience the exact same thing but only to accept that I could never explain what was happening.

We started to smoke a few joints and talk more about how amazing life is and our personal opinions on god and other philosophical things. Had a doodle on some paper which didn’t last long but was so satisfying.

4:00am: Had some food and smoked some more before taking one good long look outside at nature before falling asleep for a few hour.

I had a tension headache for 2 days after the experience but since then I am feeling extremely creative and have shifted out of the unproductive habits I had before the trip. I had many self realisations that I feel I will actually act upon!

All round amazing experience with no regrets!


1P-LSD DOSAGE: 600ug

T+0:00- Tasteless, familiar feeling tabs going under the tongue. This is a lot of fucking paper I can barely fit it under my tongue.

T+0:20- Effects already setting in. D and I find ourselves getting caught staring at the clouds(we went back outside into the backyard too crowded in the shed). My stomach is uneasy either because of how strong I know this trip will be or because I haven’t eaten in a while who knows, it doesn’t bother me. Time dilation is intense already, minutes creep by.

T+0:45- Clouds are swirling and pushing into each other. It looks as if some sort of Cloud Gods are having vape wars, an odd description but as close as I can get. The foliage on trees is very cartoon-like, almost animated. The visuals at this point are overpowering everywhere I look patterns form, things kaleidoscope, there is just no denying the powers of lucy at this point and it is only the beginning.

T+1:30- D and I had gone back into the shed at this point. People are getting fairly drunk and loud, one kid is doing lines while on a few Xanny Bars looking like a zombie, everyone is heavily under the influence of something at this point. I started hating how loud everyone was, all drunk and obnoxious while on acid I hate it. Really ruined most of the trip, I don’t really drink myself such a stupid way to get a buzz in my opinion. 600ug had me feeling almost introspective, very lost in my head and having trouble forming trains of thought. Thoughts flowing at 100 miles per hour, I couldn’t keep up with a single one and wrap the English language around it. Everything I looked at pulled me in, almost as if I was zooming in, the patterns that would form were hypnotic in a sense.

T+2:30- This is the crazy part. This kid I just met, lets call him J, was so so hammered. He was crawling over people who were sitting, slurring all of his words almost sounding mentally retarded to be frank. J was forcing people to drink and myself being plenty under the influence kept denying his offers. And of course he was becoming more forceful just plain bothering me. D’s friend had some platinum shatter so I bummed a dab off of him and took his rig outside the shed. It blew my fucking head off the acid took a whole new level really. Unfortunately, it was dark out so I couldn’t really become lost in the visuals but nevertheless, my brain felt like a metal wire went through it. Such a strange feeling, I could physically feel my brain and all of its current numbness throbbing.

T+4:00- J was running around completely childish and out of control. He was freaking me out so much almost like a wild beast on the loose and I am on acid fuck this was all I could think. I was mostly inaudible the whole night, I find that combining dabs and high doses of acid really makes me quiet, I become so lost in thoughts and really do not wish to partake in petty conversation in a way especially a bunch of drunks rambling.

T+5:00- D’s friend drank more than he could handle and was hunched over. I was sitting near him in the shed then all of a sudden he turns around a projectile vomits hitting multiple people including me. The vomit was almost in slow-motion and such detail flying through the air with so many tracers of the various pieces of food that came out. Disgusting, but an interesting experience nonetheless. Most of the peak was spent wondering when J is coming back and what is he going to do next.

T+12:00- The rest of the trip was pretty foggy and I cannot fully recall it. All I do recall is J running around rampant trying to hop the neighbours fence, hanging from the shed ceiling, and overall being a fucking idiot. Terrible setting, but I love being in bad situations on acid it makes things interesting and really tests your ability to handle your mind I love it. No matter how bad the environment you bought the ticket so enjoy the ride!

Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is a Stoicism teacher and, crucially, practitioner. His Stoic meditations have accumulated thousands of listens, and he has created his own Stoic training program for modern-day Stoics.

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