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Chris Becker – Psychedelic Therapy, Zen, and Healing Yourself (#52)

Psychedelics & Drugs Podcast

Chris Becker – Psychedelic Therapy, Zen, and Healing Yourself (#52)
“…the loss of the original self, that happens to actually the majority of us. It changes who we are and we kinda go through life managing, and it’s natural and appropriate for us to devise different schemes or organizing principles to survive when we’re little because you know, what do we know?”

— Chris Becker, HEx Podcast #52

Interested in what psychedelic therapy is actually like from the inside?

Chris Becker has been through it all — and he’s written a book about it.

He is also a veteran meditator and expert physicist.

What is the connection between psychedelic experiences and meditation? How does mediation heal? And how do we ensure that we don’t get addicted to mystical experiences?

This episode is an exploration through all of these questions and much more, as well as an opportunity learn from a man who has been using psychedelics for over 40 years, all the while figuring out what it means to use these sacred substances responsibly.

What we cover:

  • Chris’ transformation from alcohol abuse to effortless abstinence using psychedelic therapy
  • Why so many scientists become Buddhists
  • Zen vs Vipassana
  • The main reason why so many people stop meditating and how to overcome it
  • The relationship between psychedelics and meditation
  • Ontological addiction: getting hooked on God
  • Trauma as the loss of the original self
  • The role of the guide in the psychedelic experience
  • Psychedelics in your 60’s vs psychedelics in your 20’s
  • Should we legalize psychedelics?


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Trauma and Addiction:

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