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Jake Kobrin – A Beginner’s Masterclass in Magick: How to Manifest Your True Will (#59)

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Jake Kobrin –  A Beginner’s Masterclass in Magick: How to Manifest Your True Will (#59)
“Our True Desires are deeply sacred. As sacred as a river, or a volcano, or any other natural process. It’s something separate from egoic desire which is, ‘I want this because I saw it in a commercial’, but the exploration of those egoic desires might actually help somebody go towards those things. And so I think our desires are sacred. I think it’s something to listen to as if it is the voice of God.”

Jake Kobrin (HEx Podcast #59)

Magick has always been a concept that I’ve brushed aside as another overly esoteric, new-age fad that I assumed would reveal itself to be built on faulty foundations if I ever actually decided to dig into it.

After listening to this episode, I realize that those assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Magick is thousands of years older than western psychology. Its’ roots run deep and its implications far and wide.

The most controversial magician of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley, defined it as “the science and art of causing change in conformity with our Will”.

One of Crowley’s Surreal Paintings

In other words, this is a long-standing tradition that has mastered the art of manifesting the life that is the fullest and most accurate expression of your innermost being (aka the True Will). As you’ll hear in this episode, there is an endless list of techniques that can aid and accelerate this process.

”If you follow, yeah you can call it whatever you want, some divine intelligence, some deep ancestral wisdom that’s just sown into your DNA, your life will be better than your dreams because man, it’s going to take you on a process. Some of it might be an initiation process, some of it might be really challenging. It might confront you with a lot, but the other side of it is… mind-boggling.”

Eric Brown (HEx Podcast #59)

And that’s only one portion of this conversation…

What We Cover:

  • What it means to be a visionary artist
  • Practical examples of how to use language to shape your reality
  • An introduction to Magick
  • The concepts of The True Will and The Great Work
  • Ceremonial Magick as initiatory processes
  • Sigil Magick
  • A run through the Magickal toolbox
  • The sacredness of desires
  • The refreshing sincerity of sex dungeons
  • Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and Virtual Reality

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