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The One and Only Path

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There is but one Path in life.

The Path of Ascension. The Path of Truth.

You have felt this for some time, but were unable to articulate it. Until now.

Any other way is an illusion. A distraction. These diversions serve only to pull you away from the true Path.

In order to walk this Path, we must show up and attend the School of Life. Class is always in session. You must learn the lesson and pass each test to move forward.

The School of Life is demanding. The Master Teachers merciless. It affords no time for distraction, stagnation, running away, or avoidance.

Like the Red Queen’s Race, you must work your hardest just to show up — just to stay in the same place. To simply maintain. Any semblance of progress comes from giving more than you have now, of growing into the person who can meet these challenges. Of rising to the challenges.

After each lesson, you are tested. Each test is just beyond your capability. You must push yourself past what you are presently able to do. No test is easy.

The lesson repeats as necessary, until you have passed the Test. No progress is made until each teaching, each grain of knowledge is embodied.

The reward for passing this test is Wisdom. Wisdom is embodied intelligence.

Each successful Test rewards you with the smallest pearl of Wisdom, so long as you fully embody the teaching. Each Test will require many attempts. You will fail, constantly.

In the face of these insurmountable odds, humility becomes the only acceptable Mode of Being. We must existentially humble ourselves if we are to fully receive the lessons.

And so we show up, as humble Students of Life.

As Disciples of Experience.

We arrive at the feet of the Master Teachers, head bowed, hands outstretched, asking for the mere opportunity to attend the School of Life. Hopeful of failing enough now to one day pass the Tests, and earn but small pearls of Wisdom.

Only the Worthy shall pass, and continue to ascend.

To be worthy, you must stand in Excellence.

This work requires all of you, and nothing less.

You must be physically fit, existentially humble, energetically balanced, spiritually hungry, and mentally strong just to keep up with the lectures, lessons, and tests. You must become your best self to invite even the faintest possibility of making progress.

Relentless growth is a requirement, not an option.

Even your best, in this moment, is not enough. You must continually break free of what is, to become what can be. There is no rest, no break.

The lessons are grueling. You will be beaten, shamed, humbled, embarrassed, angered, scared, and forgotten. Your Being ripped apart, only to be put back together and beaten again.

In light of this, true Disciples face this suffering with dignity, with humility.

For they know, this is the only Path.

Life is suffering. We can choose to resent or embrace this fact. After each session, Disciples pick themselves up, bow their head, reach out their hands, give thanks, and humbly ask for more.

Each day we attend these classes at the School of Life.

Each day we give thanks to the Master Teachers and work to embody their lessons. We move towards the Tests, in an earnest pursuit of Wisdom.

We continually reinvent ourselves, to show up as needed in order to Walk the Path.

Letting go of anything and everything that does not serve us. For it will only hinder our progress.

The Path does not end, but it will take you where you need to go. The upward-spiralling path of Ascension takes you closer and closer to your God-like power each and every day. In physical capacity, embodied Wisdom, and unconditional love and compassion.

You are becoming a God, there is no Path but this one.

All else is Maya. An illusion.

For the Disciples who hear the call, who understand the reward that Ascension offers, this is the Path. This is the Way.

Any other path is an avoidance. All relationships, goals, desires, and dreams fade and fall away in the face of this Understanding.

This is the Warrior’s Path.

Not all are ready or willing to embark on this journey. Many go their entire lives without taking the first steps down the Path, choosing to distract themselves with side quests and vapid ‘entertainment’.

To begin, to take the first steps on this path, we are offered the choice between the comfortable good and the difficult great. Modern society readily and easily affords us the comfortable good.

But even this choice is an illusion.

Only one decision imbues life with meaning, purpose, Wisdom, and fulfillment. For the Disciples, for the Warriors, there is no dichotomy, no choice to be made. There is only one Way.

This is the one and only Path.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

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