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Matt Karamazov – Uncommon Insights From 1000+ Books (#53)

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

— Frederick Douglass

Matt Karamazov has already accomplished multiple lifetime’s worths of achievements.

You’d think the topic of this conversation would be about his experience as a world heavyweight boxer, a natural bodybuilder, nightclub bouncer, professional writer, or successful music label owner…

But no… On top of all that, Matt decided that he would take on the mammoth task of reading 1000+ books!

And he doesn’t just read them. He makes detailed notes on them too.

Since this episode was recorded, he has accomplished the goal of reading 1,000 books and has now extended it to 10,000.

With an average of 7 hours a day spent reading, Matt has mastered the art of focusing for long periods of time in pursuit of an aim, and he has joined us on the High Existence Podcast to share key insights and tips for turning our own lofty ambitions into fully realized goals.

This conversation expands way beyond reading into the depths of a mind that has downloaded 1000 of the greatest pieces of content of all time.

In this Episode:

  • Matt’s history with High Existence
  • Why he decided to read 1,000 books
  • How to stay focused for 7 hours a day
  • Can you be mindful while reading?
  • The secret to retaining what you read
  • Is optimism the privilege of someone who hasn’t experienced true difficulty?
  • The futility and utility of envy
  • Why you should read more fiction
  • How reading can improve your creative writing and communication skills
  • The importance of enjoying the moment to moment process of working towards the goal
  • How to read 5 books a month
  • Why you should have a 100 year plan if you’re under 50


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