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John Vervaeke – Awakening From the Meaning Crisis, Stealing the Culture, & Redesigning Religion (#48)

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John Vervaeke awakening meaning crisis steal culture redesigning religion
“We need to have a deep dialogue between science and spirituality.”

John Vervaeke, HEx Podcast #48

It’s easy to say that science and spirituality are being summoned to sit down together for a deep conversation — but much harder to actually make this happen without things devolving quickly.

John Vervaeke has taken it upon himself to come in and, not only translate, but provide an entire vocabulary and grammar for both parties to use to allow for deeper understanding and more nuanced agreements.

This is a mammoth task. For this reason, John has an entire 50 episode YouTube series called The Meaning Crisis exploring the past, present, and future of this dynamic between science and spirituality. It is one of the most significant series I’ve seen in a while.

If you don’t have 50 hours to spare, fear not, for we have an exhaustive summary of it all for you right here.

Originally posted on John’s Youtube channel under the title ‘Best Synoptic Overview of The Meaning Crisis & my Work’, this interview is an action-packed call to arms against the spiritual challenges we are facing today, featuring misunderstood vampires and re-spawning Hydra heads.

By giving us a strong foundation to stand on and bringing spirituality back down to earth, John is creating a platform for this crucial merging to take place.

“We can go from these being terms that are wrapped in mystique and obscurity to being a realizable continuum that we can start engaging in right now right here.”

— John Vervaeke

With the groundwork in place, please enjoy this deep dive into the meaning crisis, stealing the culture, and redesigning religion.

Links to John’s work:


  • An exhaustive summary of The Meaning Crisis
  • John’s own personal meaning crisis and how meaning began to emerge in his life
  • The deep mechanisms underlying downward spirals/addiction
  • Perennial Problems: the eternal spiritual problems of man
  • Jordan Peterson’s role in the reawakening
  • Hamlet as an example of over-self-consciousness
  • The pros and cons of the scientific mindset
  • The 4 ways of knowing
  • Psychotechnologies
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Eastern and Western approaches
  • Ecologies of practices: responses to the Perennial Problems
  • An introduction to the Religion that is not a Religion
  • Serious play as the bridge between two worlds

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