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Justin Noppé: Success is a Skill That Can Be Trained Like a Muscle (#46)

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success is a skill
success is a skill

To work directly with Justin and the HighExistence team, you can learn more about The Ascent here.

In the first podcast I did with Justin, we discussed the secret strategies of super-learners.

In the follow up YouTube video we dissected the best ways to get the most from the books that you read.

In today’s episode, my main question was to find out Justin’s origin story.

I knew that he had suffered from depression as a teen, and also grew up in South Africa, and was curious how he transformed himself from this state to being a nuero-resilience coach and learning expert living out of LA.

My hope is that anyone who is struggling with their current living situation or feels burdened with an overactive mind can find great inspiration in Justin’s story, and of course… we will learn a lot along the way.


  • Justin’s origins and childhood
  • The issues with the traditional school system
  • Science proven learning strategies
  • The value of learning to think for yourself
  • Justin’s experience with life-threatening depression
  • The power of stillness practices
  • How to get over an emotional slump
  • Justin’s method for interpreting “negative” feedback

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Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is a Stoicism teacher and, crucially, practitioner. His Stoic meditations have accumulated thousands of listens, and he has created his own Stoic training program for modern-day Stoics.

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