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Learning The Ultimate Meta-Skill and Bending Reality (HEx Dialogues #3)

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The HighExistence dialogues are where the three creators Jon Brooks, Eric Brown, and Mike Slavin come together to discuss life, the universe, and everything in between.

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When’s the last time you learned something for the first time?

It might have been a while.

For many, education stops the moment school is finished. Should it continue to be this way? How we can learn new skills so that we can stay sovereignty and adaptable to a future that is constantly in flux?

Learning is the ultimate meta-skill.

It is the foundation of acquiring any other skill. It is the foundation that resilient humans are built upon.

To this end, there are a number of techniques, mindsets, and teachers that can be instrumental in helping us move towards mastery.

In the latest instalment of the HEx Dialogues, we dive into the nuance and opportunity present in learning, bending reality, and picking up the pace of skills acquisition.

If you find yourself wanting to become more adaptable, to level up quickly and consistently, this is a blueprint to doing exactly that.


  • The great teachers and allies along the path
  • A massive list of recommended readings and resources
  • Jon, Mike, and Eric’s take on what we’re learning right now
  • The fundamentals of skills acquisition and learning
  • Is accelerated learning real? The potential and pitfalls
  • The shortcomings of the current educational matrix
  • How to bend reality and the journey to being superhuman
  • The long and short road to mastery


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Resources Mentioned

Eric Brown



Mike Slavin


  • Alan Watts


Jon Brooks



Justin Noppé on The Secret Strategies of “Super Learners” (HEx Podcast #27)

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