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Jordan Bates – How to Let Go, Develop Core Confidence and Flow (#54)

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Jordan Bates – How to Let Go, Develop Core Confidence and Flow (#54)

Have you ever wished you could be the first one on the dancefloor? Or the one who effortlessly jumps on the beat and freestyles without flinching?

I know I have…

We all know that we shouldn’t care too much about what others think of us, yet we struggle to unwind the deep-rooted patterns of self-consciousness and constriction that hold us back from doing socially ‘risky’ things.

Part of us is afraid that if we do such things, we might make a fool of ourselves and everyone will think we’re weird or somehow unacceptable.So we stay stuck in this cage that once protected us when we were young, yearning for deeper levels of freedom and authenticity.

Until eventually, we decide that we’ve had enough.

Enough standing on the sidelines. Enough filtering and suppressing that which wants to come through us. Enough being anything other than our messy, unadulterated selves.

If you have reached this threshold, then this episode is perfect for you.

In it, Jordan Bates explains how he went from being stuck in his head to cultivating a deep sense of core confidence that lead to him becoming a professional rapper.

Are you ready to stop playing small and allow yourself to be exactly what you are in each moment?

If so, I present you with this step-by-step blueprint for how to let go into the life you know you are capable of living.

Before you dig in, here’s a little love letter that Jordan wrote for you.

From Jordan:

I love you, HighExistence family.

Thank you so much for everything.

You all have a very special place in my Heart, and always will.

I truly hope you enjoy this podcast. I had a lot of fun recording it with my soul-brother, Jon.

I also want to let you know that starting in a few days on 1/22/22, I’m leading a no-cost 1-month mentorship journey called Infinity Mentorship.

This journey is intended as a gift to all beings.

If you know you are on the precipice of a great shift toward more fully embodying the Light that you truly are, join us in the Infinity Mentorship Telegram Community.

For further connection, wisdom, and chillaxation, I also invite you to join us in the Ouroboros Soul Family and my personal space, both of which are communities on Telegram.

You are a beautiful poem.

Perfect just as you are.

Thank you for existing.

Long live this legendary mind-blowing Vortex, and cheers to a High Existence!



In this Episode:

  • Jordan’s journey to become a professional rapper
  • How to unroot self-doubt
  • Travelling as the ultimate skin shedder
  • The value of taking massive aligned action in the direction of what excites you
  • Difficult experiences as thresholds to cross that life tests us with
  • What it means to embody core confidence, and how to cultivate it
  • Learning how to let go on a dance floor as a metric for self-actualisation
  • Jordan’s favourite methods for tapping into flow
  • Freestyling as a way to give voice to what is alive in the moment
  • The transformational potential of freestyle rap and dance
  • The essence of true communication
  • Alchemizing heartbreak with creativity

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