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The Sacred Sigh of Relief

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sacred sigh of relief

What are you?

You are an inextricable micro-thread in the Infinite Tapestry of Being.

Your essence is indestructible, inviolate, eternal.

The primordial Wellspring that birthed all things flows through you.

Look inside yourself and know that You Are It.

Immeasurable Creative Potential.

The most fundamental part of you can never be killed or harmed.

At root you are coexistent with the Ground of Being, the very Fabric of Reality, the Soul of Nature.

No matter what happens, the Ground of Being is always and forever Okay.

Its essence is Infinite Okay-ness.

It remains Okay in every micro-second.

Its mother’s maiden name is Okay.

How could it be otherwise?

What could possibly harm the Essence of Being itself?

As such, you can heave a Sacred Sigh of Relief, knowing that on the deepest level Everything is always Okay.

It cannot be otherwise.

Everything is taken care of.

Everything is in its proper place.

lao tzu sacred sigh of relief tao te ching
‘Lao Tse’ by Nicholas Roerich (Source)

There is no need to rush around like your busyness is holding this world together.

There is no need to feel you are a pitiable being who must shoulder galactic burdens.

Compulsive busyness and self-victimization contribute to further dysfunction, not healing.

From the perspective of the All, there are no problems.

From the perspective of the All, the “apocalypse” is a silly idea.

From the perspective of the All, every outcome is Okay.

It isn’t that our deeds on Earth are unimportant.

Paradoxically, they are simultaneously hugely significant and also kind of whatever.

No matter what, on the deepest level, Everything is always Okay.

Yet the fates of trillions of sentient beings are tied up in the fate of Earth.

Thus it is worthwhile to act in service of restoring harmony on Earth and realizing the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

Yet we must keep this endeavor in perspective, else it may crush us with its apparent weight.

The burden of “saving the world” is not for any human being to carry.

If the world is “saved,” this will be the result of a confluence of countless beings, actions, forces, auspicious circumstances.

Ayahuasca once told me: There are forces beyond humanity conspiring to assist in the restoration of harmony on this planet. Earth itself possesses an Intelligence vastly more powerful than human intelligence; the planet has a sophisticated immune system through which it is endeavoring to self-heal; it is endeavoring, via entheogenic plants and other means, to transmit ancient, sacred wisdom to the disharmonious, hyper-egoic monkeys to awaken our species from a multi-millennia nightmare of separation, conquest, domination.

If this hypothesis is true, we are not in this alone.

Yet still we are called to play our part, to awaken from our slumber.

Each of us is called to simply play our part well and let go of the rest, let go of the outcome.

Spread love. Let organic kindness flow through you. Create useful and beautiful things from a place of love. Then let go.

Force nothing. Do not wring your hands in frustration. Have patience and allow the organic, aligned, love-based actions to arise on their own and flow through you.

This is the meaning of the Taoist concept of wu wei, or non-action.

“Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but doesn’t possess,
acts but doesn’t expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.”

— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, ~550 BC

Do I sound crazy?


So be it.

I do not claim to possess any final answers.

I have simply been listening.

Listening very deeply.

To the Earth.

To Nature.

To the deepest parts of myself.

sacred sigh of relief lao tzu tao te ching
‘Waterfall on Mount Lu’ by Shitao (Source)

If what I have said resonates with you on some level—and it probably does if you’re still reading—that is beautiful.

There is no need to accept it as “true” or to reactively push it away.

Simply sit with it.

Let it marinate, percolate.

Let your soul try it on as one possible reality.

Let your being taste-test its peculiar flavors.

Take what is useful, resonant, valuable, and let go of the rest.

Consider that you are loved.

You are supported.

Everything is always fundamentally Okay.

This earthly circus is a wild trip. In it we learn the heartbreaking lessons of impermanence.

The deepest part of you, though, is not impermanent.

It is everlasting.

Begin to remember your original identity.

The one you had before you were born.

Still you are that.

And always you shall be.

(It’s pretty cool, man.)

It’s okay to trust.

Trust Nature.

Trust the Cosmos.

Trust your Intuition.

Trust your Path.

You already know the answers.

These words are not coming from somewhere outside of you.

I am you.

And you are me.

Our names are not important.

Words merely point at what cannot be said.

“The way that can be told is not the eternal Way.”

Listen closely.

Not to the cacophonous chattering of the ego-consumed monkey spectacle.

But to your own soul.

“Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?”

Tao Te Ching

Koans and riddles, koans and riddles.

To speak to the part of you beyond the funny, neurotic ego-mind.

To speak to your more expansive Self.

Being cannot be grasped with the rational mind.

Look inside.

The answers await you.

And remember: It’s all Okay.

Breathe a Sacred Sigh of Relief.

Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a lover of God, father, leadership coach, heart healer, writer, artist, and long-time co-creator of HighExistence. —

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