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A Verified Astral Projection-Like Experience

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A Verified Astral Projection-Like Experience

Equipment you need to start

1.       An MP3 player and some very good headphones (comfortable!)

2.       Albums by infected mushroom: IM The supervisor, Vicious Delicious, Classical Mushroom,    Converting Vegetarians, Legend of the Black Shwarma, Friends on Mushrooms – Discography is fine, specific songs to follow in the end of the post.

3.       Some weed/marijuana/cannabis and something to smoke (or eat) it with.

4.       Darkness and quiet

Mind set you need to bring

1.       You need to be comfortable with bass-strong music. If you hate this stuff, there are other albums to look for (again, will post at bottom).

2.       You need to LET GO of all ties of ‘music’ you need to treat this as a journey

3.       You need to be TIRED – staying up 2 or 3 hours past your bed time will work.

4.       Do not fear anything, you can’t get hurt J

How to do it

Consume (eat or smoke) an amount of cannabis that will bring you to a high “one level” above your normal threshold. If you usually pack one bowl of your favorite device, pack an additional half bowl. After reaching your high gauge yourself if you can smoke (or eat) any additional amount. You want to be a ‘new kind of high’. When I attempted this, I would get to a point that I would forget why I was getting high in the first place.

You’ll put your music on and while its playing get in a comfortable position on your bed. You want as little light and sound as possible – so doing at night with the lights off is good.

As you ears adjust to the music you’ll be able to think about other things. You don’t want this. Always have the volume to a level that keeps your mind completely occupied by the music. As soon as you realize you’re comfortable with the music volume, and your thoughts drift, up the volume again. Eventually you’ll get to a point where the volume can’t be made relaxing, and your mind is completely occupied by the music.

Now, relax. Start by focusing on some of the sounds, and linking them to some kind of visualization. For instance, make the trumpets actually be trumpets in your head. Make them warp with the music. Slowly get more and more abstract and surreal and detailed with your imagery. Start connecting every sound that comes to you with an imagery and a place. Make your setting up – the moon, the middle of space, under water, filling it completely with imaginary representations of the music.  You need to create a cosmic fantasia in your mind as the music plays.

Once you have created some sort of landscape place yourself inside. Now place yourself in this setting, moving to the music. Warping, bending, twisting as the music does; traveling in interstellar space, being stretched across the cosmos. At some point your mind will want to let go, but the ego will say ‘no’. If you’re lucky, the ego loses, and good bye! You’ll be WAY out there.

Why should you do this?

Well, aside from the incredible mind-blowing experience this has brought me and others, this gives a great respect to cannabis. Far greater than what is seen in most of our society today. In fact, this experience has the ability to transform your highs – allowing you to utilize marijuana to a fuller extent, for incredible uses in meditation, self-analysis, and awareness.

After I started doing this, no longer was I ‘addicted’ to marijuana. I used it as a ceremony of sorts. It became special to me – something to be respected and used as such.

The best song list of Infected Mushroom for this experience:

Vicious Delicious (The best, save for last), Ratio Shmatio, Frog Machine, Slowly, Unbalanced, B.P. Empire, Heavy Weight, Mushi Mushi, Bust a Move, Astrix on Mushrooms, Deeply Disturbed, Elation Station, Ballerium, Hush Mail (and more if you want to download single songs, start with these though).

Other artists for those who dislike heavy bass (some of these still have bass lines);

Kwoon, BlueTech, Erothyme, Ott, Shpongle, Vibrasphere.

Have any artists or songs you’d like to add?

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