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Why I Feel Optimistic About the Future of Earth and Humanity

Psychedelics & Drugs

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In the past couple years, I’ve undergone a profound paradigm shift regarding the future of Earth and humanity.

I used to be much more fearful and fixated on extinction risk and global catastrophe scenarios.

About 16 months ago, Ayahuasca initiated a process of transforming my Understanding, guiding me toward a far more optimistic viewpoint.

I now feel much more peace and almost no fear regarding the future of our planet and our species. Here’s why:

“It was really through some very deep Ayahuasca experiences… that I was able to feel and experience deeply and directly the Intelligence of the Earth as a whole, the Intelligence of the biosphere. And I began to realize that the Earth itself is a living organism with an innate Intelligence that is utterly vast…”

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