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7 Words For Starting Your Day Off Right

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7 Words For Starting Your Day Off Right

A few months ago, a friend shared their favorite mantra on Facebook and I immediately took it on as my own. The phrase was ‘I am letting go of all resistance’ (FYI those aren’t the 7 words).  Resistance being any fear-based emotion, eg. worry, jealousy, hate and fear itself. This worked extremely well for me for a while. Anytime one of those feelings came up, I would step aside for a minute or two, repeat the calming words and visualize a dark slime of negativity seeping out of my body until I was back into a present, conscious and smiley state.

Then I discovered 7 other words that are doubly as awesome.

Another friend sent me an email excited about a book he had just read – Yes Man by Danny Wallace — yes, the one the Jim Carrey movie was based on. Pause for one second. I’ve read WAY too many blog articles about ‘saying yes to life like Jim Carrey in Yes Man!’ and you should know this is not one of those posts. I even wrote a 3 post series about the power of saying no.

In reading the description of the book on Amazon, I had an epiphany. Letting go of all resistance is only step one! After releasing all negativity, you can attain an even more ecstatic state by actively embracing instead of just letting go — by energetically saying YES to everything in life.

My new favorite 7 words instantly became:

I’m saying yes to everything in life

By this I do not mean literally saying yes to everything. (Anything that absolute should be approached with suspicion. In my experience, all great truths are paradoxical). Rather, go beyond simply not resisting that essay/chore/errand. Get excited about it being in your life. See it as an essential and oh-so perfect step to your next experience. It’s inevitable so you might as well get psyched about it :)

Repeat those 7 words and energetically ramp yourself up for what is in store for you this week, this day, this hour, this moment! I swear it’s the best natural high you can achieve. Electrify yourself in anticipation for the ultimate bliss that will become of today.

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