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A Method for Creating Moments: Your Top Three

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A Method for Creating Moments: Your Top Three

Do you have certain habits, questions or tricks that gives your life a more positive spin? A technique that helps you understand others and yourself a bit better? There is something I want to share with you. It is something I have been doing for some time now and it is something that I and the people around me enjoy very much.

Maybe ‘technique’ is not the right word and it certainly is more than just a question, because the habit I want to share is connected with the heartfelt intention to genuinely listen to others so as to open a space of where everyone can be loved, understood and cherished without being judged.

In our fast paced lives of today we will often have to make a conscious effort to take a moment to reflect on what has been happening. If we don’t, we might lose out on all the great things in our lives. We have so many wonderful moments in each day that are often easily forgotten when we don’t take a moment to stand still and recollect them. A way to combat this while at the same time strengthening our awareness and remembrance of the little things that make our lives awesome is what I learned from psychology and what I now call…

Your Top Three Moments

At the end of each day, at special occasions or at the ending of special periods I either ask myself or the people close to me the following question ‘What were your top three moments of today – these weeks together – this time traveling – or any other relevant period?’ If I am in the presence of others I love to rotate this question to either start off a nice dinner or say goodbye with sweet memories in the back of my mind.

I love this question because it directly pierces through to the heart of the other person. It is a really personal question that gives everyone a voice. Sometimes you get answers that totally surprise you. Other times you hear that others cherish the same moments as you do. I personally feel this is a wonderful thing to discover. And still other times you hear something you yourself have forgotten. This is not only a perfect reminder on the importance of reflecting on what makes your life awesome but also that others are the most important part of it. All you need is a little question to find this out.

My Top Three

In this last week I have been traveling through Cambodia with my girlfriend, sister and her boyfriend and my top three moments of this time together are:

Swimming with everyone at a pristine lake in the Cardamom mountains, Cambodia. We had such a lovely day, biking around the protected ecotourism area, joking with the friendly guide that showed us the nice spots and just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I loved that everyone was relaxed and playful and enjoying the cool swim in the hot day. Relaxing on a rock just behind the waterfalls is something I will not soon forget.

Meeting a new friend on a daytrip. We traveled on a boat to a mangrove and an island with white beaches and clear blue water. The environment was amazing, but my company was even more interesting. I always find it amazing that it is impossible to tell beforehand how much you can learn from someone who at first sight seems so different from yourself. I am glad to have met this wise soul and I am sure we will see each other again.

On our last night together, we did a round of ‘Your Top Three Moments’ for the whole period we had traveled together. Hearing everyone speak about the special moments we experienced together warmed my heart. I noticed how much better I now understand my sister and her boyfriend after spending twenty days together. This was exactly what I wanted and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

To conclude with the little reminder this piece is intended to be, I would very much like to ask you the following question:

What are your top three moments of your last week or of your time you have spent on HighExistence so far?

Please share your answer in the comments below!

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