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Epic Challenge: 30 DAYS OF FEAR

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Epic Challenge: 30 DAYS OF FEAR

My last 30 days have been absolutely insane. I have never grown or learned more in a one month period. Not even close.

This is a NEW HIGH. I want you to be up here with me. Read on to find out how.

The Challenge

You must do at least one of the following each day (not all three):

  • Something you fear
  • Something you’ve been putting off
  • Something you’ve never done before

This results in the ultimate marathon of facing fears and annihilating procrastination. Here are the highlights of my month:

  • Took on 9 HighExistence interns
  • Did something highly illegal at night for a good cause
  • Started a weekly day of service to others
  • Succeeded in conning my way into a Joe Rogan show and meeting him after
  • Interviewed on live radio
  • Adapted to polyphasic sleep (Everyman cycle)
  • Experimented with a raw/vegan diet
  • Attempted to learn how to do a standing backflip (still learning)
  • Shot a Q&A video for HE (coming out soon)
  • Slept in the woods behind my house alone (it was cold)
  • Admitted to failure
  • Tried two new, unknown psychedelics (Datura & 25C-NBOMe)
  • Ordered prototypes for RaveNectar, my new clothing venture
  • Put together a weekly HE Newsletter (subscribe in the sidebar!)
  • Submitted an article to TechCrunch (major tech blog)
  • Wrote the script for my first YouTube video (coming soon)
  • Did a ton of optimization coding on HE (it’s faster now, right?)
  • Began coding HighExistence 4.0

The beauty of this challenge is that it’s completely do-able. Just one act per day. It doesn’t need to be some fantastic feat — just something you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

The Results

Bye, Bye Procrastination

I don’t put anything off anymore. After a solid month of attacking my to-do list, I’ve developed a solid habit of getting stuff done when it needs to be done. It’s a matter of switching your instinct from “I will just do that later” to “I guess I’m doing that now…”

There’s a reason why you’ve seen 4 blog posts from me in a row ;)

Hello Reckless Fear-Facing

The same can be said about doing things that scare me. The instinct has switched from “Hell no I’m not doing that” to “Well I guess I’m doing that…”. When you have no choice in the matter for an entire month, this becomes natural.

Crazy Productivity

I discovered that the act of procrastination itself took up a lot of my time previously. Having overdue tasks on your to-do list causes you to waste time reading them over and over and making excuses for them when you should just be tackling them now! When you’re done with the undesirable tasks, you can attack the more fun tasks with even more enthusiasm. The result is a flurry of energized (borderline cracked out) productivity.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you up for the challenge? Ironically taking this on could fulfill your first day of the challenge. That’s a freebie!

Start by compiling a list of things you are afraid of and tasks you’ve been putting off. This can turn into a highly introspective exercise because often an item will fall under both categories.

Post your daily action on the Official 30 Days of Fear discussion. This will keep you accountable, as well as give you ideas on things to do each day. Solidarity!

Come back and share about your month. People will be reading this article and wanting to hear about about other people’s results too. Inspire them!

P.S. If you’re having trouble thinking of challenges, look no further than 30 Challenges for 30 days

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