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Epigenetics and Trauma: Expert David Krantz Reveals the Link

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Epigenetics and Trauma

Epigenetics and trauma… are they linked? Can our history actually change our genetic code? And if so, can it be reversed? These are questions I wanted to find out.

“Epigenetics can be passed down inter-generationally. Indigenous traditions have the idea that what you do in your lifetime will impact 7 generations down from you. There’s actually good scientific backing for this idea now.”

— David Krantz, HEx Podcast #29

It took me nearly an hour to pick my jaw up off the floor after speaking with David.

He’s just THAT GUY.

Charismatic and approachable. Able to dig deep into the fundamentals of epigenetics and gene editing, and then play you a song from one of his 5 full musical albums at the end of it.

David is someone who walks the walk.

A polymathic mad scientist designing the minds and mental states for the future of humanity. When I think of someone on the bleeding edge of science and performance, David definitely fits the bill.

Currently, David works as an Epigenetic Performance Coach and the Director of Psychoacoustics at the Apeiron Center.

He came into his work through a series of synchronicities, something we dive into more in the conversation — but seems to be right at home consulting for some major players in the business, athletic, and artistic spaces.

“Your natural bias is to think ‘this is the answer, this is how everyone should do it!’ In terms of navigating that, I find there’s a certain ethos or mentality that I look for, and if I don’t find it I instantly become wary. That ethos is acknowledging ‘Hey, I don’t know everything, and this is just one idea’. When I see people who can say ‘hey, here’s one study, and there’s another that contradicts it, and I’m not trying to hide it.’ And to the best of my ability, I try to do that.’”

— David Krantz, HEx Podcast #29

There was nothing off the table for this conversation, and David has a remarkable ability to distill complex scientific concepts into something easily digestible and understandable, for beginners and experts alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned biohacker wanting to dive into the nuances of genetic testing, or someone just starting out in the self-optimization space, there’s something here for you.

David embodies the archetype of someone living a HighExistence, doing their best work in a way that is sustainable and pushes the edge of what is possible forward.

I think you’re going to love this conversation, Jon and I certainly enjoyed being a part of it.

“If you’re just going to try to change one variable, just change diet and nothing else, maybe that is worthwhile for someone who just wants reductionistic data, but that’s not how things work in the world. So let’s look at everything as holistically and fully as we can.”

— David Krantz, HEx Podcast #29


  • What does an ‘epigenetic health coach’ do?
  • What bio-markers you should focus on for performance, longevity, and mood
  • Davids revealing experience testing his own genome
  • What David thinks about sleep and health tracking tools
  • How do you transition from making music to epigenetic coaching?
  • Noticing the synchronicities in your life and following the path
  • How do you separate fact from fiction in the health and bio-hacking space?
  • How to break free of the ‘healthy normal’ bias in the standard medical paradigm
  • The difference between being healthy and having optimal health
  • What does DNA do in our body?
  • The impact of epigenetics on your genomic expression
  • Exploring the concept of ‘clock genes’
  • The science behind transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
  • David’s personal story of epigenetic inheritance and healing wounds from the Holocaust
  • How your physiology is shaped while in the womb
  • Where the notion of ‘past lives’ might come from…
  • Trauma work and it’s overlap with epigenetics and genetic expression
  • The importance of understanding your family’s past and history
  • What David thinks about artificial light and quick biohacking tips
  • Melatonin and optimizing the sleep/wake cycle
  • Sleep is the cornerstone of maintaining healthy functioning
  • Much, much more…


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