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The Human Capacity for Boredom & Its Implications on Happiness

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The Human Capacity for Boredom & Its Implications on Happiness

We humans have this great evolutionary trait that allows us to quickly adapt and become accustomed to new environments and scenarios. For prehistoric man, I’m sure this helped a lot. For instance a thunderstorm would only terrifying the first time it was experienced.

But for modern man, this concept means one thing: we get bored easily. Or maybe a better way to say it is we get used to things very quickly. Marriages turn ugly, lottery winners commit suicide, and that “exciting promotion” just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

Many people say “I will be happy when _______ happens and when I have _______.” Well as you should know from past experiences, you’re going to get bored of _______ soon after you have attained it. We’re constantly wanting something different, especially when it comes to the concrete.

The Million Dollar Question

If this boredom effect happens with everything, then how could you ever be happy unless you are happy right now?

**This is probably the shortest post I’ll ever write but I hope we can get some good, long discussions going on in the comments. Have an awesome day.

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