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Is Everyone Doubting Your Dreams? GOOD.

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Is Everyone Doubting Your Dreams? GOOD.

I receive a lot of messages from people asking about how to deal with their families and friends doubting their dreams. It is incredibly difficult to persevere when the people you have always trusted the most are skeptical or even down-right opposed to you following your bliss.

The Good News: This is normal.

The Better News: It’s most likely a sign that

you’re on the right path


If people are calling you crazy or stupid, chances are you are doing something GREAT.

This is YOUR bliss, no one else’s. Others are going to think you’re crazy because, unlike you, they are not uniquely prepared for the task. They do not have that deep-seated tug at their heart to drop everything and start this journey.

In fact, you should be concerned if you’re not running into opposition. An easy, safe dream is not a full expression of your bliss. You should even be scared, yourself.

Dream BIG.

When someone lists off reasons why you’re crazy, imagine a beaver explaining to a bird why he shouldn’t try to fly :)

Smile, nod thoughtfully, and say “Thanks for the input!” Let them feel like you’re heeding their advice.

Little do they know they just gave you a push forward.

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