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New Year, New YOU: A Story of How My Leap of Faith Resulted in a Magical Night to Start 2016

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Last night I woke up randomly around midnight. I never wake up mid-sleep, so this was peculiar.

I noticed some soft music playing through the wall. It wasn’t very loud, so it was strange that it woke up. I put my ear up to the wall to listen and was *shocked* at how beautiful it was. Then I heard clapping.

Something inside me said, “You should go ask if you can listen.”

Then I had a rush of overthinking, “You can’t crash someone’s party”, “They don’t want a stranger in their house”, “They’ll think you’re weird and rude for asking.”

But this is 2016, so I decided to put those thoughts aside and roll the dice. :)

I grabbed a half-empty bottle of wine as an entry gift and told my legs to march over to my neighbors door while my mind continued to protest.

As soon as I heard more clapping to signal the end of a song, I shakily knocked on the door. I heard a sudden hush inside, clearly they were worried that I was an upset neighbor.

A women in her early 30’s answered the door with a smile. I said, “Hey I’m Jordan, and I live right next door. I woke up to beautiful music and have been listening at the wall for 10 minutes. Do you mind if I come in and listen?”

She smiles even bigger and says, “Of course!! Come in.”

As soon as I walk in, the entire party erupts in applause because I’m not someone telling them to keep it down.

They ask me to sit down and offer me drinks while the music starts up again. It turns out they are old friends who’ve come together tonight to play music. They play for a good 2 hours, everyone sings along. They are musicians, actors, filmmakers and installation artists. They’re wonderful people.

One leap of faith led to one of the most magical nights I’ve had in quite a while.

So if YOU have one of those feelings, that you should take a bold leap of faith… DO IT.

This is a NEW YEAR where a NEW YOU can do BOLD NEW THINGS.


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