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The True Nature of Happiness

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The True Nature of Happiness

Ultimate happiness is a tricky mistress, always hanging just around the corner with promising smiles and wiles. Or at least it seems this way until you realize that…

Happiness does not come from a state, but from a change of state.

In other words, happiness does not come from the prize, but in the process of attaining that prize. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Once that end goal is achieved, the satisfaction quickly degrades until we’re left looking for the next high.

You might be thinking – but WHY? Why does everything so rapidly lose its luster?

This condition is either extremely depressing or exhilarating depending on your perspective. I see this condition as what keeps humanity pushing on to new heights! Our boredom is our ecstasy. Without this proverbial game of hard to get we would be content doing nothing at all, stagnant in time.

Even better – if you can appreciate each passing moment as a blissful step towards your next plateau, lasting happiness is yours.

The secret lies in being able to remain content with each passing moment while keeping our eyes on the next.

If you can live comfortably within this paradox, you live in heaven on Earth…

Oh it’s delicious, this thing called life. It’s a scrumptious experience, no? Are you not allowed to experience everything? The tears, the joy, the pain,the gladness, the exaltation, the massive depression, the win, the loss the draw? What more is there?

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