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[Video]: The 5 Natural Emotions

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[Video]: The 5 Natural Emotions

In the past I’ve often written about cutting negative emotions out of your life. But, like every great truth, this one is a paradox. Is there a place for emotions like anger and envy in an enlightened life?

Author Neale Donald Walsch, author of my most-recommended book ‘Conversations With God’, would say so.

Anger, grief, envy and fear are very natural emotions. It’s only when we keep these emotions inside that they transform into unhealthy emotions:

Anger –> Rage

Sadness –> Depression

Envy –> Jealousy

So instead of demonizing these ‘negative’ emotions, it is much healthier to embrace them. Fully accept them as beautiful parts of the human condition. In some cases they can be used as motivation to transform your life for the better.

Everything in moderation seems to be the golden rule. That and ‘Resist nothing‘ :)

Do you agree with Neale? Share your thoughts about these emotions below.

Special thanks to Jackalope Media for producing the video!

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