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Out Of Body Experience: A Powerfully Beautiful Story

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out of body experience (oobe)
out of body experience (oobe)

An out of body experience (OOBE) is when your energy/ethereal/astral body leaves your physical body, allowing you to float around the universe on another plane. This may sound crazy at first, but there is much evidence out there validating these experiences. I thought it was hogwash until I had my first OOBE two years ago.

Robert Monroe first legitimized OOBE’s by creating the Monroe Institute and refining a process by which anyone could come in an experience an OOBE. He then collected several decades worth of written reports from thousands of people. He shared many of his favorite reports in his Journeys Out Of the Body books, but the following report you’ll soon read takes the cake.

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read…

Context: A woman is recounting one of her final OOBE’s at the Monroe Institute. At the beginning of this story, she has already left her body and is interacting with some of the other participants in her class.

“I was suddenly drawn by a powerful force to one room in particular — to one CHEC Unit in particular. It took me by total surprise, for the man in that unit was someone I didn’t know very well. In fact, he was the only one at the workshop I had never really had a chance to talk to. He was a young, good-looking psychologist, yet for some reason we seemed to be purposely avoiding each other.

All at once I had an all-knowing, as I seemed to float over him, that his vibrations were my vibrations. I had an overwhelming desire to meld, to feel a part of him — to become one. It was truly one of the sharpest and clearest of experiences.

I gave to him both my body and soul until there was this tremendous energy surge that rocked and exploded in us. It was an experience that is beyond words, for love, total and absolute, surrounded us more strongly than can’ be earthly experienced or imagined. The more I gave, the greater I received and I didn’t want to let go. I wanted to give him even more. It was like two energies in perfect unison becoming one at last. (I can remember thinking how physical sex paled in comparison.)

Memories of past lives together came rushing in like flashes of light. We talked in this state and I came to realize this experience could only have happened at the end of the workshop as it did, for each of us would have been distracted had we ‘met’ earlier on — perhaps hampering other growth experiences that week. There was a meeting of both our minds with this experience and I knew our meeting had been more than coincidence — it was predestined.

I truly experienced everything I asked for and more, and when I came down to the meeting room after the tape there was an unusual heightened energy where people seemed to be flying. I saw ‘him’ as I came down the stairs to join the group and he looked at me excitedly, ecstatically, as if something totally incredible had happened to him. I hadn’t said a word yet, as he quietly repeated a number of times, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ I felt elated — I had made contact. We compared our individual experiences, making sure each of us was not coloring the other’s story. It didn’t matter — our stories fit like puzzle pieces, matching perfectly and interlocking. We both had also had the use of all our senses — the strongest being touch.

After this experience we were later reunited to share others together. We’ve been with each other for the past two years now — growing and loving together.”

I hope that story gave you the same chills it gave me a few years ago. If you’d like to learn more about experiencing OOBE’s, please refer to the following list.

Out of Body Experience Further Learning List



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