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A Fun, Little Mind-Trick For Déjà Vu’s

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A Fun, Little Mind-Trick For Déjà Vu’s

You know that déjà vu sensation?

When you experience something that you’re convinced has somehow happened before? Maybe from a dream, another life, or a chemical imbalance in your brain?

Whenever I experience déjà vu, I pretend it means I was just given the chance to go back and re-live the event. Somehow, I’ve gone back in time so I can do better the second time around. That split-second deja-vu is the fleeting notion that this occurring.

This is a very empowering exercise. If you were given a second chance, wouldn’t you work that much harder, be that much more daring, and be that much better of a person?

You might be thinking, “Well Jordan, that’s pretty far-fetched so why entertain the thought?” But feasibility is not the point of mind exercises like this. The point is if you can get yourself to buy into this metaphor strongly enough, you now have a powerful tool for elevating yourself to a higher state at any given time.

When you’ve mastered getting into this mental state when you’ve had a déjà vu, what would stop you from applying the same mental process in another situation?

Then you can take this to the next level. Live your entire life like it’s your second chance.

Will you do it right this time? ;)

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