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How to Read The Signs of the Universe

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How to Read The Signs of the Universe

I have been overwhelmed with signs, hints and help from the universe ever since I began actively looking for them. The trick lies in being able to recognize them, and then of course to act upon them.

I’d like to share how they appear to me in hopes of helping you become more in tune with the signs around you.

Types of Signs

Happenings that appear too good to be true — beyond chance.

eg. Meeting someone who designs websites right after you’ve decided to create your own blog

This type is the most obvious if you’re looking for it. It is not just luck, act on it now!

Something pops up 3+ times in a short period of time.

eg. You’re considering where to travel next and then within the span of a week…

  • You see an article on Reddit about the booming Brazilian economy
  • A friend goes on a trip there randomly and posts beautiful pictures of the Brazilian rainforest
  • Another friend hosts a party and serves Brazilian barbecue

There will be a subtle, weird feeling that comes with the second or third time you come across it. Seeing a certain thing 3 times in a week is no miracle, but this will feel different.

A random opportunity catches your attention for no apparent reason.

eg. You lock eyes with a stranger at a party, or you see a flier for a bizarre class that sparks your interest

Not every sign is obviously related to the direction it will push you towards. This one is the easiest to miss, but can lead to the most explosive results if you take advantage of the opportunity.

This is another reason to treat every stranger with reverence, and to make some decisions based on feeling instead of pure logic. You never know what you might be missing out on by not following that little gut feeling.

Go On High Alert

Make sure you are actively seeking these signs and remaining conscious throughout your day. Otherwise they will pass you by and you’ll wonder why you aren’t being guided.

Be Open

Sometimes the signs will lead you down a path that you weren’t expecting, or even do not desire. You need to be open to the possibility of your plan


being as fantastic as those that are coming to you.


Signs are useless unless you take the initiative to see where they lead. Recklessly pursue and and all of the signs mentioned above. The universe can only show you the door, it is you who has to walk through it.

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